North Florida Hedgehog Rescue

About Us

My name is Samantha and I am located in north Florida.  I am not yet 18 but I am mature and responsible when it comes to my love of animals.  My family has been raising hedgehogs for many years and I have participated in every aspect of their care.

Recently, I have seen a need for a rescue operation in north Florida.  I've noticed that more and more owners are having to rehome their hedgehogs and desperately need a safe place to take them.  I am knowledgeable and can offer them a loving home until they find a FOREVER home.

When a hedgehog owner surrenders their hedgehog to me, I fully understand that they have placed their trust in me and that they expect me to care for the hedgehog as if it were my own.


Middleburg is a small town in north Florida.  I am approximately 1 hour from each Jacksonville and Gainesville.