North Florida Hedgehog Rescue

By completing this form you agree that if you are approved, you will adhere to the following:

  • You will not neglect or abuse the hedgehog in any way.
  • You will not re-home the hedgehog.  If you are unable to keep him/her, you will return them to North Florida Hedgehog Rescue.
  • You will not breed the hedgehog under any circumstances.  Breeding is prohibited regardless of the hedgehog's age or gender.
  • You will provide proper and adequate care for the hedgehog.  This includes
    • Proper temperatures of 75°F - 80°F (23°C - 27°C)
    • Clean and solitary housing.  Do not house with any other animal, including other hedgehogs.
    • Fresh food and water daily.  Fresh food, clean water, every day.
    • Medical care as needed.  All injuries and all illnesses.


​01/15/17 PLEASE NOTE:
In recent weeks, several people have contacted me and entered their email address incorrectly.  If your email address is incorrect, I will not be able to reply to your inquiry.

Hedgehog Adoption Form


Middleburg is a small town in north Florida.  I am approximately 1 hour from each Jacksonville and Gainesville.